Popular posts of 2012

Popular posts of 2012

Here’s a look at 10 popular {and by “popular”, I mean that I just picked them myself} posts of 2012. Okay, well, the first one really was rated the most viewed post of the year.

Enjoy the flashback, friends.

Dear _____ , — from June 6th. Not sure why, out of tons of Dear Blank posts throughout the year, this one was so well-clicked. Maybe it was the mouse trap or the random fact #603 that pulled people in. 

Her life story — The time I talked with the village Grandma, and realized I knew nothing about her life, her story. We’re still praying for a happy ending.

Deep thoughts and chai tea —  No matter the difference in skin color, culture, daily habits, or even religion, we can push racism aside and choose to love.

5 things we love about living in Senegal — because sometimes we can only think of one or two things. Ha!

Our new role in missions — We had a BIG year of moving from life in the village, working in a cross-cultural church setting, to managing our mission’s guesthouse in the capital city.  

Paint + fabric = a new look — Once we took over the guesthouse, we had a lot of work, decorating and fix-it projects to take on. We have a long to-do list for this coming year, too. Take a look at some of the rooms we’ve redone.

Our must-have travel items — Yep. Gotta have toilet paper, money, {hopefully candy} and some form of identification when traveling. What do you take with you when you travel?

The sheep showed up — This was also the year that Shawn won a live sheep at our grocery store. Pretty sure all of our dreams have now come true!

Love is {according to us} — things like watching King of Queens and choosing not to judge. What does love mean to you?

My African mother — She took me under her wing, gave me an insider’s look into the culture and brought me food to taste.

How Shawn takes pictures.

 Thanks for spending another year with us, your missionary friends in Senegal,


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