To those churches & supporters

To those churches & supporters

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Thank you for standing behind us. Not just for sending financial support (read: moolah), but for praying every single day. For letting us know you’re praying, and that we’re not alone over there. Thank you for asking us how you can pray, and for encouraging us.

Thank you for caring about the “behind the scenes” of our lives.

Your kind is rare. Your kind is valued.

Thank you for realizing that overseas missions is hard, emotionally draining, and a unique lifestyle that is difficult to express via newsletters and social media posts.

 Thank you for not being critical, for not micro-managing or looking at our lives through a magnifying glass. Nobody can thrive under that.

 Thank you for loving us as we are. Humans, living and serving God where we feel he has us at this time: Senegal, West Africa.

Thankful for those churches and supporters,



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