Things that would shock our African friends

Things that would shock our African friends

Here are some things that would shock, surprise, amuse, or even confuse our African friends:

+ Houses so big that they have lights shining on them.

+ Free refills. Wait. I can drink all I want? (Not to mention those new high-tech digital pop machines where you can select the flavor you want to add to your drink. Returning missionaries / expats, this will blow your minds too.)  

+ Halloween decorations. Blow-up caskets?! Spider webs that cover half of your house?! Skeletons hanging in the trees?! (For people who often believe in, and fear spirits, this would hit way too close to home.)

+ Clean, paved roads.

+ That the average American is a germaphobe.

+ That America is SO diverse. That Americans themselves are SO diverse. (That there aren’t a bunch of rich Rihanna’s and cowboy John Wayne’s walking around NYC.)

America - a diverse land.
America – a diverse land.

+ That you can drink right.from.the.tap.

+ The cereal aisle. The chip selection. All that gum and candy at the check-out alone!

+ What a cup of coffee costs.

+ All the toys, gadgets, tools, and trinkets that help raise a baby. 

+ That animals stay in cages / yards / people’s actual homes. Oh, and that dogs and cats sometimes wear human look-alike sweaters.

+ That the average American only speaks one language… and gets by just fine.

+ That in some small towns (ahem, Minford), people leave their keys in the ignition and their cars running while they run into Subway to grab a footlong.

+ That you have to work really hard to make a living in this country.

+ What a big deal Monday Night football is.

+ That Golden Corral is a real place.

 + 1 million more little every day things. What would you add to the list?


One thought on “Things that would shock our African friends

  1. 1. Washers and dryers. Machines that do laundry for you.
    2. American Politics
    3. Microwave food
    4. Rules for driving

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