Nick & Brittany, the toast

Nick & Brittany, the toast

IMG_9687-001Good evening. It’s July 2nd 2015 and we are here to celebrate Mr. and Mrs. Stevens, the newlyweds!

For those of you who don’t know, I’m Brittany’s older sister Jenn . . .  so therefore I’ve known the bride her entire life.

Brittany, you look stunning.

This may come as a shock to some of you but I wasn’t always the best big sister. (Let’s just say we liked to play doctor and I was always the doctor and she always needed a shot and the shot was administered via *click click* a pen in the leg…)

But there came a time when I realized that my family, my life needed Brittany in it. That our world was better off with her in it.

There came a time when I wanted the best for her. And that “best” included a husband.

And one day I knew that “that husband” was Nick. I knew because of the way she talked about him, I knew because of the way he looked at her.

And today was the day that she married him!

It has been so fun getting to know Nick and watching him care for her and love her the way that he does. I’m proud of the husband that she chose, that God chose for her. It’s an honor to welcome Nick to our family.

Brittany, Nick . . . Today, on July 2nd 2015, and for the rest of your lives, I wish you both all the laughter, patience, forgiveness and adventure that a good marriage needs, that your marriage needs.

I wish you a lifetime of love. I wish you the best.

Tonight, we raise a glass to your love story.

We raise a glass to you, Mr. and Mrs. Stevens.



2 thoughts on “Nick & Brittany, the toast

  1. Not that I am shocked by this at all… But that was a beautiful toast! :) She is lucky to have you as her big sister!!!

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