Little American luxuries

Little American luxuries

In case we forgot for a brief moment, we’re not in Africa anymore! Sometimes little luxuries in our daily life remind us of this fact, and it brings a little smile to our faces.

+ If we leave sugar, honey, crumbs of any kind on the counter, an army of critters don’t instantly appear. Even if it’s (gasp!) there overnight.

+ We don’t have a community of cockroaches living in our kitchen cabinets! (For once…)

+ We see neighborhood dogs, instead of sheep.

Hellooooo, sheep.

+ I can drive again! I feel so free! I don’t have to stop a taxi, take a bus (which, who are we kidding, in that claustrophobic sweaty-bodies-smashed-up-to-sweaty-bodies environment, we only did two or three times in Dakar). It’s great to get in my own car and go where I want. It’s nice having street lights, stop lights, sidewalks, and a pattern to driving here. Two lanes mean two – not five! We do miss the entertaining game of “Did you see what they stacked up, or strapped on that taxi / bus / horse cart???”

+ We have yet to find an ant floating in our coffee, from the sugar bowl he originated in. Hallelujah, what a wonderful thing.

+ Being able to blend in again.

+ Comfy every-thing.

+ We can walk into a store and buy an item without having to barter, ask the cashier’s name, or how their family is doing. Which sometimes feels really impersonal when we compare what it was like in West Africa, but on the other hand it can also be really convenient!

The shopping experience here is quite different!
The shopping experience here is quite different!

+ When we go to a restaurant and read the menu and order what we want, they have it! There’s a very low chance that they’ll ever come back and say, “Oh no, we don’t have chicken today.” And there’s an even lower chance that you’ll order chicken and see a guy run to the store (market) and come back with a frozen bird in hand. (Yes, that happened to us on more than one occasion. Yes, it takes f-o-r-e-v-e-r.)

+ Eggs don’t have chicken feathers and/or chicken poo on them.

+ You can buy affordable, pre-made clothes ready to wear.

+ That sound in the kitchen is the fan in your fridge turning off. NOT the power. Phew!

+ You can walk into a store and find what-used-to-be-rare items like sour gummy worms, kale (opposites attract?), sour cream and bagels. Ahh!

+ There is TP in every bathroom. #spoiled

+ I’m still enjoying the perk of understanding the conversations around me. Eavesdropping may be my favorite hobby.

Last year at this time I wrote a post called “Oh that’s right, we live in Senegal.” And now here’s a post on little American luxuries. Oh, life. Aren’t you interesting.

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  1. Love your post. I hope you are both doing well and adjusting to life back in the good old USA. Glad you are back as now the Bronco’s are winning. Take care and God bless.

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