These bruises and scars

These bruises and scars

May the bruises and scars on my belly be a visual of love.

May they push bitterness and tears away as they tell a story of love between two people, willing to take a risk. And another one, and another one, and another one.

No matter the outcome of this treatment, may they show courage.

May they show two people who got up again, and kept walking even when the road was hard, costly, and unpredictable.

May the bruises and scars show a couple who fought to grow their family, for their future together, and for love.

May they show a husband who felt every prick through his kindness, his support, his encouragement, and the handwritten notes left on the kitchen cabinet.

May the bruises and scars show lots and lots of prayer, over the span of many years, and faith in what seemed and felt impossible.

May the bruises and scars show great determination, the chase for a miracle, and continued hope.

The bruises and pain aren’t pretty – but love is.

Thank you for praying and hoping with us as this long treatment continues…

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