1 million adventures led to you

1 million adventures led to you

Saying “I do” was our first grand adventure. It’s the adventure that has since led to many other adventures.

I guess it’s the adventure of us. I guess that’s what marriage is.

Our adventures have taken us to living overseas in West Africa, they have taken us to living in four different countries together, and learning a new language together. Our adventures together have been behind 15 moves, and many new transitions – in both foreign cultures and our home culture.

Our adventures together have allowed us to survive loss, and the trials of multiple fertility treatments.

Adventures don’t always mean fun and good times. They involve doing something, not knowing the outcome, or how hard it will get, but still going for it, moving forward, and giving it your all.

And now, here we are, embarking on a brand new adventure: having a baby together!

I saw this sign at Hobby Lobby when we first moved back from Senegal and were living in Greeley, Colorado. I loved it so much. I stood there in the aisle fighting a whole slew of emotions coming at me. We were at a stand still place: wanting a baby, but feeling like we had exhausted all of our resources. I wanted to buy that sign, but why? We didn’t have any kids or babies on the way, we had tried all we could, including three rounds of IUI and three rounds of IVF, and even the door of adoption was closed at that time. We were beginning to doubt whether or not we would ever experience this particular adventure of having children to love and raise.

But despite standing in that aisle and feeling discouraged, I still took a picture of that sign and kept it in my cameral roll for awhile. I think it encouraged me to remember that the adventure, by nature, was continuing to put one foot in front of the other, and that by nature the course of an adventure was unknown.

Fast forward a year and a half from where I first saw that sign, and we are so excited for where we are now, and for where we’re headed next. We don’t take for granted the blessing of getting to experience this adventure.

So I went out and bought that sign. It was the first thing we bought for the nursery.

Baby girl, you are our bucket list. We can’t wait to see you and hold you.

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