2 years back in the USA

2 years back in the USA

I know, I know. It’s hard to believe that we moved back from Africa TWO years ago. A lot has happened in two years. You can say that again! But more than the moves, the different transitions, ‘IVF take 4’, the miracle baby, and the lessons we’ve learned along the way, we’ve seen God’s hand leading and guiding us. When we boarded that plane to move back two years ago, having no earthly idea where we’d end up living or what we’d be doing, we would have never imagined that we’d be where we are today. His grace has followed us. His grace has been sufficient for us.

Over these past two (whirlwind) years…

– We’ve lived in three states. Colorado, Wyoming, and now Texas. [Click on highlighted words to read a blog post.]

Colorful Colorado.

– We’ve enjoyed the occasional video chat or phone call with our African friends. It’s always a good way to brush up on our French, too. Technology continues to make the world feel just a little bit smaller. But often times, not small enough.

– I gathered a lifetime of stories working as a caregiver in Cheyenne, and now I’m meeting some great people from our new community making smoothies at the hospital’s health club. It’s the perfect for-right-now laid back job.

– It seems like no matter where we live we cross paths with French-speaking Africans. I met one in San Angelo just last week! SO cool! I could tell by the way he was walking and his mannerisms that he had to be from Africa. Sure enough.

– We’re expecting a BABY in August! We’re still amazed. And grateful more than we could ever express.

11 (ish) more weeks til baby girl arrives!

– We’ve made up for lost time by traveling around our own country: Steamboat Springs, Denver, Bad Lands, Mount Rushmore, Deadwood, Vegas, Waco, the Grand Canyon, Nags Head, Whitestone, Tennessee, Austin, Fredricksburg, San Antonio, Blackhawk, and Alaska.

Shawn won a trip to Alaska with his company! Way to go!

– We continue to take in (and not take advantage of): running water, berries, AC, the English language, seasons, sidewalks and grass, being in the same country as our families, pork, good pizza, you know, little American luxuries like that.

– We’ve been back for my sister’s wedding, the birth of a niece, and a nephew.

– Shawn started a career with Denver Mattress in Greeley, Colorado (my hometown!) where we were living when we first moved back. Again, we were transitioning from ten years as full-time missionaries, with 6 of those years serving overseas. We had NO idea what was next or what we’d do, or how long it would take for us to find a job. God opened the door for Shawn to start working at Denver Mattress, fast forward to today, and he’s now the manager of his own store here in San Angelo. It’s been so cool to see God’s provision for us since we’ve moved back. It was a theme I wrote about last year at our one-year “Ameriversary”.

– We have a house under contract! Woohoo! This is another big dream we’ve had for many years, but when you’re a missionary living all over the place, well, it’s not always an option. But here we are! Getting settled, and signing a mountain of paperwork with great anticipation.

This is no doubt a sweet, and exciting time for us. All we can do is turn and say, “Thank you, God.” We can’t explain the hard times, and we can’t explain the good times. We can’t explain why God does what he does when he does. But we know that he is always good. We can trust his character. With him on our side, the future is bright (song by Tenth Avenue North).

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  1. I’m so happy for you and eagerly await the birth of the miracle baby. I remember when you were small child here in Mo. May God continue to bless both of you. Give my love to your parents.

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