No chance encounter

No chance encounter

The world would call us TTC (trying to conceive) sisters, which I roll my eyes at. I guess I don’t like to be put in a box. Especially one with cheesy acronyms. But it’s amazing how many of these ‘sisters’ I’ve met since we moved back to the US.

There’s a common connection and we just… happen to meet. Sometimes it’s at work, sometimes it’s online, sometimes it’s through a friend of a friend, and sometimes it’s the girl you’re talking to while having your nails done. Of course chance isn’t involved at all. It’s God aligning our paths. When we were in the deep waters of treatments and tests, I didn’t really cross paths with anyone in a similar boat as we found ourselves. It was lonely. It was hard. Maybe God used that time to soften this mean ol’ heart so that I can shed compassion more easily now. Who knows.

But these friends that I meet have blessed me so much. I just FaceTimed with a friend of a friend for an hour and a half about the IVF process. We talked about the big, intimidating protocol they hit you with, the numbers, dates, and dosages highlighted, and how it’s scary, but in many ways freeing to open up about the hardships of infertility.

Video chats & coffee.

It encourages me to talk to them because it brings up the past, it brings up what did and didn’t work for us, and how God worked along the way. These things may never escape our memories, but they tend to dull a little bit if we don’t bring them back up, or think about them from time to time.

When I re-tell our story, I’m often reminded at how amazing some of the smaller details are. For example, this new friend was asking if we found an OB we liked here in San Angelo. I was reminded how that all came about. It was during such a busy time that I don’t think I really paid enough attention to it. We just found out that I was pregnant, we were packing up our whole house, and moving from Wyoming to Texas in a matter of 7 days. Holy cow! Meanwhile, I was still under the IVF care at my clinic in Denver, and they were managing my dosages, etc. They wanted me to find an OB in San Angelo as soon as we arrived. As in, a day or two after we arrived. We were moving to a place we had never even visited before, and we didn’t know a soul! How was I supposed to know which OB or hospital to go to? So I got on Google (as one does) and looked up OBs in the area, glanced at one or two reviews, and thought, “She should work. And if not, I’ll find another doctor later on.” So I called and made an appointment for the day after we were to arrive. Long story short, we love our doctor. Her care has been amazing. She is spoken highly of in the community, she’s dealt with IVF patients, and the issues that make me high risk (Factor V, risk of blood clots), and she’s the perfect kind of laid back/prepared that we didn’t know we needed. So talking back through all of that, and seeing how this new doctor and staff worked long-distance with my IVF clinic for the few weeks that I was weaning off my meds, I realize that things could have gone very differently. It could have been a doctor or a situation that we didn’t like. But it wasn’t.

In talking with these friends, with these ‘sisters’ who are in a place I’m all too familiar with, I’m reminded that God goes with us through the hard times. I’m reminded that he’s in the story, he’s in every outcome, and I’m reminded that he’s the God of chance encounters meet-ups that were meant to be.

Friends, I’m praying for you as you move forward in this treatment. I’m praying that God will be your peace when you’re tempted to worry about the outcome and the results. I’m praying your circle of family and friends will be encouraging, that you’ll find someone who can be there for you (drive you to appointments, text to see how you’re doing, bring you soup when your almond-size ovaries are the size of oranges and you’re exhausted), and I’m praying for God to work in big, and unexpected ways through this upcoming treatment. You’re not alone.

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