13 years, a framed memory

13 years, a framed memory

I can’t believe you’ve known me since I was 16. I can’t believe we’ve been married for 13 years. I can’t believe we have a daughter! When I look around, I can’t believe this is my life. I take a picture with my mind’s eye and frame it.

When I hear songs about people looking back on their lives, wondering where that first love is now, I smile. I smile because I know right where you are. You’re standing in our living room at 2:45am rocking our tightly swaddled baby girl.

13 years looks different than any other anniversary. They’ve all been sweet, something we’ve looked forward to, and worthy of celebration. Some years have been sweet because we walked a hard road and our love was strengthened and we survived, learned, and grew together. But this year, year 13, is sweeter than we could have imagined.

There aren’t any candles or roses or lingerie this year (let’s just be honest). There are irrational tears (from me, not her… dang hormones). There aren’t any exotic getaways or weekend trips this year. There aren’t any extravagant gifts or large bouquets of flowers or lip stick notes on the mirror. There’s a kiss goodbye as you leave for work, with a sticky note on the watermelon container in your lunch, telling you how I feel about you, and these past 13 years. There’s God’s grace guiding us every step of the way. It’s his grace that has led us to this point. It’s by his grace we have memories to frame.

I love that you’ve known me since I was 16.
I love that you’re still my first love, and that I’m yours.
I love the pictures framed on my desk. They’re my favorite memories.

The proposal. A framed memory.
9-18-04. The best day, and where it all began. A framed memory.
Just the two of us for 13 years. A framed memory.
The love spread to three. A framed memory.

I love what this new season looks like.
I love that our marriage now includes a daughter. I always wanted a baby with you because I love you and I wanted to share this adventure with you. I wanted to see what a little of me + a little of you would look like. I wanted to see what you would be like as a dad to our baby. And this 13th year, I’ve been blessed to see it, to see you and her in our living room, swaying back and forth.
I love that the hard times, the tears, the loss, make the good times that much sweeter.
I love what this 13th year looks like.

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