A rainbow in our arms

A rainbow in our arms

Storms are bound to come. Some are harder and more powerful than others. Some are more devastating than others. Some last longer than others. Some teach us something. Sometimes that lesson is about survival, about how to weather the storm, and get through it. Sometimes the lesson is about how to come out on the other side stronger than you were before. Sometimes the lesson is about taking it moment by moment when you don’t know what’s going to happen, just to turn around and see that you made it.

The calm after the storm is such a beautiful thing: the winds and the rain stop, the waves calm down, the birds start chirping, and the sun breaks through the clouds in an undeniable display of perfect beauty. Rays of light touch the earth, right where the storm was raging not long ago. It’s a moment where you look back and see that you made it when you didn’t know if you would. Then, not always, but sometimes, there’s a rainbow. There’s a vivid and colorful sign stretched across the sky where you can’t miss it. It’s a sign that God was with you through it all. When the storm was raging, when fear and worry were present, when you didn’t know what was to come, he was there. His grace and presence were there, just as he promised.

We look back on some of the storms we’ve weathered as a couple, storms that brought grief and the loss of six embryo babies, and we see that we were never alone. We see God’s grace when we see the sun’s rays shining down, we see his grace when we see that God made us stronger through the storm, and we see his grace and mercy when we see a rainbow – both in the sky and in our arms.

We thank you God for allowing the hard, dark stormy days to make the rainbow that much sweeter.


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  1. I am soo so happy for the two of you. For the three of you, really, because I know you will make her life as wonderful and exciting as you possibly can and that you will lead her to Jesus.

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