Sweet because of you

Sweet because of you

And finally, there you were. Your eyes were wide open from the very first moment I saw you. We made eye contact, and time froze. It was love. It was love from the moment we knew you were on the way.
You were new here, but I could tell you felt right at home the first time you were in your daddy’s arms, a safe and warm place to be. He cried looking at you. I filed that moment away in my memory one million times, so that I would never forget it.
August 24th became one of the sweetest days of all time.
And this whole past year has been one of the sweetest years we could have imagined. It’s been sweet because of you, Noella Pearl.
Happy FIRST birthday.

6 thoughts on “Sweet because of you

  1. Hi Jenn! This is Melissa (Henkel) Miller. I have actually been following your blog for quite a while now- and I’ve meant to comment so many times, but haven’t. Your blog has encouraged me so much! I have cried reading so many things you’ve written and Truths of God you’ve shared. I’m so happy for Noella Turning 1!! And congratulations on the sweet second baby girl on the way! I plan to keep following the amazing journey God has your family on :) :)

    1. HELLO Melissa! It’s SO wonderful to hear from you! Thanks for following along, and thanks for saying hi! I hope your family is doing well! Love to you guys from us in Texas.

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