A month of staring at you

A month of staring at you

I stare at you, and I stare at you, and I’ve stared at you for a month now and I can’t believe you’re here.

I hold you in one arm in Shawn’s big been-around-longer-than-me recliner, and Noella (plus her big teddy bear, plus her little white bunny, plus Minnie Mouse) in the other arm, and I can’t believe we have two daughters. I can’t believe this is reality, and that God aligned back to back miracles to come into our lives.

Don’t doubt God. He’s capable of big things. He’s at work when we can’t see it. He’s good beyond our earthly definition of good. He’s a miracle worker.

Shilo Hope, you’ve been with us for one month already, and we’re so glad you’re here.

Now, let’s go rock with sister and the gang in the recliner. Okay? Okay.

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