16 years of us

16 years of us

Let’s get married and…

go to Puerto Vallarta, almost miss our flight, ride dune buggies through the mountains, have the chef make us a special dessert, move to Ohio, embrace fall in the hills of Appalachia, move to Wisconsin, be missionaries in training, have Valentine’s Day at a German restaurant, you surprise me with a diamond watch you worked hard for, move to Pennsylvania, then Missouri, then let’s move to Quebec in our car, see snow up to the roof, meet great friends, learn French, eat so much maple syrup, move to Guinea, experience new transitions and culture shock and even more languages, battle malaria, meet beautiful people, experience hospitality, markets, gunshots at night, and an evacuation to Senegal, live in the capital, have language sessions, move to the village by ferry with our new pup Roxy, work with a small church, translate Bible lessons into French and teach the lessons, make new friends so different than us, see the beauty there, live around ocean breezes, palm trees, and huts, move back to the capital, try IUI three times, try IVF three times, cry over the loss of six embryos that never grew past that point, travel, laugh, learn who God is, learn who we are, enjoy our years as just the two of us, return to our homeland, move to Colorado, experience reverse culture shock, search for and find our new footing, move to Wyoming, nervously try IVF number four, get pregnant, promote to Texas, welcome baby girl Noella Pearl, own our first home, enjoy happy days, welcome surprise baby girl Shilo Hope, travel, seek out our community here, find our new rhythm as a family of four, make our home our own mix of worlds with palm trees, bougainvillea, and grey paint, do a Frozen Embryo Transfer with our remaining two embryos, and as always, see God at work.

Here’s to another 16, and another 16, and another, and another, and lots more after that.

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