Believe it to see it

Believe it to see it

Maybe you’ve never seen God move, or maybe you weren’t looking for it. Maybe it’s not ‘see it to believe it’, but BELIEVE IT TO SEE IT. Look for God on the move and you won’t miss it.

That tomb is still empty, and He’s doing impossible things in the lives of others. Ask me how I know.

Here are a few I’ve come across just in the past few weeks:

He takes a past of drug and alcohol abuse and prison and turns it into ministry with others facing the same giants. He takes you from dark to light because that’s what He does. It’s not a story of shame when Jesus writes it, it’s REDEMPTION.

He takes a $380,000 hospital bill and writes paid in full across the top. Just as He did with our lives. He bought them at a price. Our lives are marked by His red blood, and they’re paid in full. Freedom is ours if we want it.

He allows the man who trained under the inventor of the very brain surgery you need to come to your small West Texas town to operate on you. He’s a healer. We can walk into the scary by faith and see God at work in ways we haven’t before.

He allows some kind of supernatural peace to allow you to get up the next morning even after the loss of a child. He’s Father. He’s faithful.

When your country is rioting and fear is real, and you have a flee bag packed, He’s a God who offers safety even in the unknowns.

He gives us an out to die to self and choose to walk in His Spirit instead, even on hard days. Even when we don’t feel like showing up, He gives us the ability to love well. To choose to begin again. His grace is real. Look for it. Ask me how I know.

He takes our deepest pain, our greatest loss, our biggest weakness, and if we let Him, He uses it to change this world, to show that with Jesus, all things are possible, and that He is on the move.

Our culture has made God and Jesus either a ‘meh’ and boring conversation from ancient times, or a standard of legalism we could never reach. So why bother?

But if you look for the real, IT CAN ONLY BE GOD stories, you will find them.
You just have to believe it to see it.
Ask me how I know. I know because I’ve seen it myself.

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