Mid-January ramblings & pics

Mid-January ramblings & pics

I am obsessed with Shilo’s voice. It’s so cute and slightly raspy and she’s trying out all the big words like “decorations” and “Corduroy” and “definitely”, even if she mispronounces them.

She’s talking a lot lately, and both she and Noella are full of constant conversation and observation. “Mom. Hey mom. Remember when we rode on the airplane, and we stayed in a hotel and the elevator had lots of buttons and daddy let me push one?” “Hey mom. Mom. Hey mom, why are there three birds flying above that house and not four birds?” “Hey mom. Daddy drove his truck to work not our car. Because we will be the ones to drive in our car.”
I field so many questions (SO MANY) in a given day, that I’ve started mixing up my responses just to entertain myself. My go-to is “you’re kitten me right meow.” It’s ridiculous and Shawn thinks I’m ridiculous but one day he tried to mock me and he said it in response to something I said to him, but ended it with an actual meeeeeow, and I almost fell right off the couch from laughing so hard.

Noella lives and breathes baby dolls. She takes such good care of them. If it’s cold outside she zips them up in her coat so they can stay warm. She has such a sweet heart. But also, if I have to dress one more plastic baby doll I may pass out.

Someone has to be the first to apologize in your marriage relationship. When we were first married I’d wait for it to be Shawn, growing frustrated that he wouldn’t make a move toward some kind of reconciliation. But of course I wasn’t making a move either. We were both stuck in selfishness. Now I know that someone just has to make that first move and the faster someone says sorry the faster you can mend the hurts that took place. It’s okay to be the first to say you’re sorry.

We decided to have a fancy dinner on Sunday, consisting of grilled waygu steak, scallops, casesar salad, and what I call “rich people carrots” (we managed to find them on clearance, but you know the ones, long and skinny with the long flowy parsley-looking greenery at the top?). It was fun and of course the meal was divine. I set the table with cloth napkins which is when you know we fancy (but not like Applebee’s on a date night).

We flew a kite the other day with the girls and it was so miserably cold and the string got all tangled and I had to chase our horse-dog down the street when he escaped but I guess memories were made??

Sometimes I play referee all day and it is the hardest thing ever. Other times, they play happily after church wearing matching heart dresses and I melt.
Cloth napkins that have moved all over the world with us. (Kristen, remember when you bought these for me at Market Street Cafe?)
Home. The good, the hard, the gratitude, the candles, the kisses, the memories.
Shawn and his butterfly kite: a memoir
Delightful dinner documented
Ear muffs, CO hats, and tongues sticking out
Hoarder status: strong Cute status: STRONG
Trimmed off the long flowy greenery and made a carrot bouquet
Baby Meg zipped up to stay warm.
Horse-dog hugs

There’s no real point to this blog post, other than to stop and remember the big and little things we have to be thankful for, and to note the fun/busy/cute stages our girls are at. Thank you, God, for cooler days, kites, scallops, grocery carts full of stuffed animals, and this family that you crafted just for us.

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  1. I thank God every day that He arranged that your wonderful family would be our neighbors. We love sharing adventures with you and the girls.

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