Smiley face leggings

Smiley face leggings

You can wear all the smiley face leggings you want, and if Jesus and love aren’t the center of your day/your thoughts/your motivation, you’re going to trip up on yourself and it won’t be pretty. You’ll fall flat on your face into a muddy pool of selfishness. You’ll be splashing around, making a mess and only seeing you and the mud and nothing else. The world tells us to live for ourselves, but that’s a dangerous place to dwell.
But, if you pair some (pink, $7) smiley face leggings with Jesus and love, it’s a game changer.

Sometimes happiness is found in hammock swings on the back patio. Sometimes it’s found in queso (it’s often found in queso tbh). Sometimes it’s found in the coldest moscow mule with lots of lime. Sometimes it’s found in early bedtimes, fresh eggs from neighbors, and the first rose from your rose bush. Sometimes happiness is found in deep thoughts and a moment to yourself, park playdates, hazelnut lattes on the drink menu, holding hands and heart rings, reading to your kids about the Sacrificial Lamb, couch cuddles with a 3 yr old, a night away in Texas Hill Country and staying in an old cabin, new gold Burks, handsome horse neighbors, kids in cowgirl hats, and a long-awaited rain shower in the desert.

Happiness comes and goes, all in a given day.

Unless, of course, it comes from Jesus. If it’s found in Him, it’s joy and it lasts no matter what the day holds and no matter what leggings you’re wearing.

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