Blinds and faith

Blinds and faith

It’s morning, but only according to the blinding numbers that tell me it is. It’s so dark I can’t see anything out the window, but still I open the blinds. I do it in faith, that the promise of light will soon flood our home. I do it every morning, waiting. The light came yesterday even when it didn’t seem possible. It came the day before too, so I know surely it will return. Isn’t that faith? Having the blinds open for something that you think, you hope, you’re pretty sure will come? We don’t leave the blinds closed and block out the rays of new a day, the rays of promise. We open them with great expectation. Then a moment can’t be missed as soft streams, pastel colors, and peeks of sunrise creep in. We knew it would come! We had faith! The blinds were open for such a time as this! But did we really trust the sun would rise? Did we really know it, believe it with more than just action and mind, or did we feel it deep in our heart, a soul resting in the assurance of what was to come? Or did we open them thinking maybe our little action prompted what was to come, like we played a part in beckoning a new day?
The sun will rise even if we never open the blinds. Just like God, standing the test of time as faithful even when we do – or don’t – muster the courage to believe. He still is, the beginning and the end, the Alpha and the Omega. He is not waiting on us to trust Him to show Himself faithful. HE ALREADY IS. Sure and steady as the rising of the sun. A dawn of hope after a dark night. He remains. Faithful He has been, and faithful He will be. You just might want to open the windows, blinds, and curtains, and let His glory flood in. Too often I hear people say (myself included) that they’re “trying to trust God” with a given circumstance. Trying isn’t trusting. There’s a reason it’s called blind faith. You either trust or you don’t. But know that God is sure, steady, and working- just like the promise of a new day, whether or not we’re looking for it, believing it, or standing watch ready to be amazed by it.

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  1. Jenn,
    This was an encouragement! I shared it with my parents who also found it to be quite an encouragement. Thanks for sharing the things God is teaching you.

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