38 and some lessons learned

38 and some lessons learned

It’s not another year older, it’s “I made it to the next level of life”. HECK YEAH!

Here are a few things I’ve learned along the way:

– Be the first to stretch out your hand and introduce yourself. They feel awkward too, so you might as well break the ice and say hi.

– Never underestimate where a hello could lead…

– Wear the lipstick, it brightens your whole face HONEY, YES!

– Take the trip and write the postcard. Even if you accidentally leave it on the hotel nightstand for the maid to read.

– Smile even if they don’t smile back.

– Give people the benefit of the doubt. Teach your kids to do the same.

– Ask questions. Get to know people. You won’t regret it. You need them and they need you.

– If there’s live music, don’t miss it.

– Make your husband your best friend.

– If you live in Texas, say y’all and wear the boots and fringe. When in Rome.

– Always have a little toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and Benadryl in your purse. (That’s the ‘Lived in Africa’ talking.)

– You don’t have to live on kale and cucumber juice but once in a while drink some water and go for a walk. And eat some almonds. I swear they’re a magic food.

– Look at elderly people in the eye and talk with them. They’ve lived a lot of life to get where they are today and they deserve our respect. Plus they have some great stories.

– Don’t wait for the right event to wear the sequence dress. Just wear it!

– Write your daughters love notes.

– It’s okay to laugh and grieve in the same day.

– Ask God for wisdom when you need it.

– Turn the music up.

– Own your story. The loss, the joy, the triumph, where God has you.

– Walk by faith, even when you don’t understand the path. You can trust a faithful God.

– Take a picture and write it down.

– It never feels good, but be the first to say you’re sorry.

– Allow friends to become like family.

– Love today, because tomorrow isn’t guaranteed.

– “Always, we begin again” St. Benedictine

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