Christmas Eve blind date

Christmas Eve blind date

We followed each other on Instagram, we had mutual friends, I’ve seen her on stage as part of the worship team at our church, and I told her to “buy the blazer” she was trying on, as I walked by, at Goodwill once. She didn’t, but then regretted it, and went back and bought it. But we never really met. We didn’t know anything about each other. We didn’t know where the other person lived, what their kids’ names were, what the husband’s name was, if they were frugal, extravagant, shy, hard-working, or if they were allergic to pears or not. In other words, Jayci and I, and our families, were all strangers.

… that is, until they joined us on a whim for Christmas Eve Chicago style deep dish pizza at our house last night. It was a Christmas Eve blind date for the ages! If we had single siblings we could have matched up, we could have really warmed our way onto the Hallmark channel.

So here’s how it all came to be: Shawn ordered six (apparently it was a better deal to order six instead of 2 or 3) Chicago-style deep dish pizzas from Lou Malnatti’s because Shawn’s dad’s side of the family used to have pizza on Christmas Eve, and we decided to join in on that tradition this year. When the pizzas arrived at our door on dry ice, a variety of toppings and food enough to feed an Army, I asked on Instagram (as one does) who wanted to join us. Jayci saw my post and couldn’t believe it, as her husband Mike is from Chicago and they were big fans of Lou’s pizza. Mike’s dad would send them Lou’s pizza from time to time. So it was a sentimental thing for them, and a family tradition of sorts for us. So we asked them to join us, and they did. And it was a blast. Even if we did all have to introduce ourselves at the door. But our girls seemed to hit it off, the pizza was amazing, the conversation was fun, and Mike wore his Santa blazer. So, obviously, it was a Christmas Eve blind date to remember. And one where new friends were made.

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