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this & that

We’re somewhat back into the swing of things after a busy past few weeks with the team in town, end of Ramadan festivities, our weekend in Ziguinchor, and dealing with sickness. Rainy season is slowly working its way out, which means 2 or 3 hot and humid days and then a cool rain comes to water the earth.

Here are some random facts from the past 24 hours and/or bits of news:

We cooled off with a glass bottle of Coke the other day. Nothing better!

+ Jenn was back at the sewing school today, working on embroidering a red flower.

+ Roxy got in trouble {again}, for eating our neighbor’s chicken. The problem is that the neighbor kids want to play with her so they come and open our gate, giving her the freedom to roam free. We’ve talked to the parents and asked them to ask their children to not open our gate!

+ A neighbor guy that we had never met before came and asked Shawn if he could borrow some $$, since he already spent what he was given to finish a particular project. Turns out the guy had a reputation for being irresponsible and it wouldn’t be wise to get involved!

We saw some African artwork in Zig last weekend.

+ Jenn started training our temporary house girl today, since our regular worker will be leaving to help her family with the rice fields in Guinea-Bissau for a month. It can be a lot of work to teach someone new how to work a water filter, use certain knives for certain things, make a bed… and other things that they don’t typically do in their households.

+ We ate chicken/veggie casserole for dinner last night. Yum.

+ Karine, a female believer from the cell group is getting married at the end of this month ~ horray! This is a big answer to prayer, since it can be difficult to find a Christian spouse! Jenn will be a hostess {similar to a bridesmaid}, along with about 20 other women, and they will all be wearing the same dress and shoes. The cell group is involved in the planning of the event, and there is still a lot to do before the end of this month….

+ Shawn was there to listen to a friend talk through some of his “girlfriend issues” this week- it’s in times like these that discipleship is taking place!

+ English class will be picking back up in the next few weeks. Jenn’s students continue to greet her in English when they see her.

+ Pray for our co-workers as they travel to Dakar this week to take both of their daughters to boarding school. Although it’s a great school environment and a great education, it’s never easy to be apart!!

We're celebrating SEVEN years of marriage this month!

Toujours au Sénégal [still in Senegal],

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  1. I am glad you are “toujours au Senegal” but I wish you were closer to us! Happy Anniversary to you both! Sending love from muggy Dakar!

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