Loss: seen through flowers

Loss: seen through flowers

I love the one with both of our hands together, the one where Shawn is holding the white flowers that each represents a baby that we’ve lost. There are nine of them. Nine too many. Nine little souls with Jesus. Nine little goodbyes that came too soon. Nine little parts of a greater story that we cannot yet understand or know the ending to; at least not yet. Nine little beauties created by a good and all-knowing God. Nine little loves.

But what I really love are the two unexpected pops of bright pink, two unforeseen miracles in our lives and in our family. Two daughters that God has so graciously given to us.

11 lives, each designed, crafted, and created for a purpose.

11 lives, each a unique testament to a faithful God.


4 thoughts on “Loss: seen through flowers

  1. I love your stunningly beautiful mind. I love your poetic way with words. I have cried tears of grief with you through each and every loss and I have cried tears of unrestrained joy in the birth of your two gorgeous daughters. I have watched your journey and marveled at your faith. I am in awe of his love for you and his protection of your heart. I can’t grasp a loss this great. I can’t comprehend the many questions you must have for him. But, For what it’s worth, your faith in his love for you has grown my own faith exponentially. You and Shawn are truly strong and amazing… even though it might not feel that way right now.

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