Dear ______ ,

Dear ______ ,

Shawn… happy, happy, happy, happy birthday to YOU this Saturday! I hope 34 is a wonderful year, filled with love, happiness, laughter, and lessons you’re thankful to have learned. You are an amazing person. Cheers!

Shawn turns 34 on Saturday! No, he did not get that toy for his birthday.
Shawn turns 34 on Saturday! No, he did not get that toy for his birthday.

Mosquito biting me from OUTSIDE the mosquito net… you are a cruel and unusual punishment, aren’t you. Good grief, can I not relax my arms and legs and just sleep? Must I avoid all contact with the net, in fear that you’re there, anticipating the moment that my skin brushes the net, so you can bite? What do you expect me to do? Sleep in a straight jacket?

 5 pm… you’re just too early for dinner, but you’re the hour I want to eat. Something! Anything.

Village women all over the globe …  this gadget is going to rock your world (once it’s done being tested). Cook and charge your cell phone or an LED light?! Genius!

 Person who said, “Oh. Well, I didn’t read about that on your blog.”… Nope. No you didn’t. There are so many things that happen; the good, the bad, the pretty, the hard, the ugly, the joyful, the trials, the pain, the beautiful, the comical, the friendships, the adventures, the lessons – there are so many things that happen, and don’t ever make it to this blog. This is just a small glimpse into our lives. Just a few of the thousands of pictures are posted, and just a few of the “real life” stories are told.

May Burger restaurant… open already!! You’re sitting there, five steps from our front door, the building is built, your sign is up, the equipment has arrived, it’s the month of May, and we’re ready and anxious to have ‘Senegalese fast food’ six five steps from our door. What’s the hold up?

May Burger... behind all that  traffic.
May Burger… behind all that traffic.

Things you learn when you move to Senegal…  yep, definitely, and for sure.

Ice cubes and ice cream… you’re two things that make hot season much more bearable. Thankfully, we’re not there yet. Ice cream, don’t go anywhere. I’ll take you year-round!

Dear ____ , only comes once a week. Enjoy it while you can.




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