Deets from the Deats

Deets from the Deats

Heyyyy! What’s happening over in Africa? What’s new with Shawn & Jenn?
I’m here to on the details of the everyday. Isn’t that what you wanted? The deets from the deats? [In case you didn’t know, some people call us DeAtleys the “deats”. Ok? Now you know.]

– First things first: Senegal is once again Ebola-free! Hallelujah! We hope and pray it stays that way. Good job to you doctors and nurses out there who are doing all you can to get this deadly virus under control, to educate others on how to prevent it from spreading, etc.

We're thankful that Senegal is currently Ebola-free!
We’re thankful that Senegal is currently Ebola-free!

– Fall is non-existent here and that makes me very sad. I love fall. I would marry it if I could. However, I have a pumpkin waffle candle (of course I want to eat it) that I have been saving for a year to burn now, in this “I wish it were fall here too” season. It’s heavenly! Also, some friends and I are getting together to drink DIY (or, Ashley did it herself) PSLs!!!! We plan to turn on the ac and pretend it’s fall. I can’t wait!

– We had an awesome “welcome to Senegal” dinner with some missionaries / teammates who just arrived to the field. Good food, hearing their testimonies and … CAKE. It was a great way to kick off the weekend.

– Other weekend highlights included but were not limited to: lunch at our all-time favorite restaurant (The Brazilian Churrascaria), a movie night with new latino friends (we had homemade spring rolls and watched Escape Plan, which we all enjoyed. Why am I so fascinated with prison movies?!), “sleeping in” on Saturday morning (which is now a pathetic 7:45-8:08 am), chatting with siblings, streaming the Sunday afternoon NFL games at a friends’ house (again, pretending it was fall while eating kettle corn and caramel apples), and church on Sunday morning!

– We’ve actually had a fairly calm month of September at the guesthouse so far. We have a new maid while Ndeye is on maternity leave, and she seems to be catching on to the swing of things pretty quickly. As is most everyone that works here, she’s Diola from the Casamance region. Our old home away from (lots of) home(s).

– Our host mom Cécile/our pastor’s wife came for a visit last week. It was great to catch up! Would you please, please pray for them? They have gracious, willing-to-serve hearts and have opened their small home to kids/teens in need, knowing that not only do these kids need a place to sleep and live, but they need a loving, Christian home where they can be taught God’s Word. They currently have 10 people living in a two bedroom house. Ideally they would like to expand, adding a second level to their existing home, but they don’t have the money. Please pray for them, that they would find a solution. If you feel led to give, you can email us for information on how you might be able to help out.

I loved this quote from Cécile, “Our neighbors think we’re crazy for opening our home to so many kids in need, when WE’RE in need ourselves. But we can’t just sit back and do nothing. If Christians don’t help, who will?”

Cécile explaining her prayer request.
Cécile explaining her prayer request.

– Thanks to our Lebanese friends (did you know there are quite a few Lebanese people in Dakar?) Shawn has been picking up a few Arabic phrases. That guy… always learning something! He continues to be “the guy supply buyer” for our village missionaries, buzzing around town looking for the right tires, 12 volt batteries, etc.

– Roxy is good. Adorable, loyal, a hater of fruit bats.

– Jenn has survived her 1st month as a Pre-K4 teaching assistant at the International School of Dakar! Yes, that’s 14 4-year-olds for 4 hours a day. Oh, that’s a whole lot of “4s” alright. She has really enjoyed this new opportunity, the new routine, and the great faculty. The chilis (her nickname for “the little children”) are from all over the world! Some don’t speak any English at all, which, as you can imagine, can be quite challenging. There are kids from China, Germany, Italy, Peru, Senegal, France, etc. They are so cute and they are already learning so much! (Confession: I may be perfecting my cutting skills right along with them… scissors were never my strong point.)

The chilis drew self-portraits and I wanted to die from cuteness overload.
The chilis drew self-portraits and I wanted to die from cuteness overload.

Life, ministry and the everyday,

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