The pain of healing

The pain of healing

What if healing came but it was slow and steady?

What if healing meant one step forward and two steps back?

What if it meant nothing changes? Not the past, not the present?

What if it meant we embraced the process?

What if healing meant leaving where you were?

What if we stopped believing that healing wasn’t possible?

What if you had to go to the darkest place, embrace it head on, to take even one single step towards the light?

What if it didn’t make sense? What if it wasn’t something you could explain?

What if you had to relive the hurt, the tragedy, the sobbing in one sitting?

What if you had to ask yourself the hard questions?

What if bitterness wasn’t an option?

What if yelling at God was a part of the healing process?

What if we held still and listened?

What if we allowed healing to be a work in progress?

What if we stopped caring about who knew the whole story?

What if we allowed the saddest parts of our lives to become a story of redemption?

What if we allowed God to whisper in our ear that he cared, that he had a plan, that despite it all, he loved us?

This is a post that sums up a lot of questions from the past few months. Years, even. It sums up a lot of different things that have happened, some past losses, some current struggles, some pain in (yet) another transition, some joys found in the process of healing, and a few behind-the-scenes conversations with God.

And the beauty is this: healing is possible. We won’t always like the way it comes about, and it won’t change what’s happened, but when you know God, it’s possible.

And that brings hope when the pain of healing feels like too much.


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