Hard goodbyes and sweet hellos

Hard goodbyes and sweet hellos

2015 was no joke. What a year! We returned from the Canary Islands, decided to leave NTM Senegal, we finished some major projects at the guesthouse, spent time with Dakar friends and completed our Senegal Bucket List, we packed up our lives and moved back from Africa to America, we flew to Colorado and went to Nick & B’s wedding, we enjoyed being in the USA for the 4th of July for the first time in a long time, I got a tattoo, we decided to move to Colorado, we packed up our belongings and moved out west (hello 22 hour road trip in two separate cars… and we managed to crash a wedding on the way), we found a house to rent within a week of being out here, we flew to North Carolina for DeAtley vacation, Shawn found a great job, we celebrated our 11th anniversary in Steamboat Springs, Jenn found a job and started rehearsals for the Nutcracker, we found a church and a small community of friends, we battled and survived culture shock and a major transition, Shawn got a promotion, plans are underway for move #13 to Cheyenne, Wyoming, we went to Shawn’s first NFL game, we said some hard goodbyes and some sweet hellos … what a year.


2016 we’re ready for you.

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