The miracle

The miracle

We have no words. No words but a tearful THANK YOU, GOD!

We are walking in a surreal dream. We’re amazed, thrilled, grateful, speechless. Nothing about our journey has been typical. Including the sharing of this happy news at just 6 weeks of pregnancy. But you know what? We couldn’t keep it to ourselves any longer! We wanted to share with our faithful friends and readers that God has answered your prayers! He’s answered our prayers, the prayer we’ve prayed over the past 12 years. The prayer for a baby.

We have no words. No words but a joyful THANK YOU, GOD!

9 thoughts on “The miracle

  1. Oh, my gosh you guys congratulations to you!!!!! I’m so excited for you, a gift from God!!! You couldn’t ask for anything more exciting, more thankful that experiencing the joy of a baby. Congratulations again, happy news

  2. I have prayed daily for this miracle and give God the glory. You have both been so brave and didn’t give up. Praise God

  3. Yes! Yes! Yes! YES!!! We prayed for you guys all during advent. I have been dying to hear this news. I am thrilled for you both. Thank you Jesus!!!!

  4. Thanks God!!
    Je suis trop contente pour toi Jenn!! Vraiment Youpiii Sant Yallah!!
    Gloire à Dieu
    Je t’embrasse bien fort
    Caroline from Dakar

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