Texas it is y’all

Texas it is y’all

And just like that, we’re moving to TEXAS! (Should I have inserted a y’all in there somewhere? Did I just break an unspoken rule? I guess I’ll cut myself some slack since I’m sitting in my living room in Wyoming, far removed from the culture of when and how to insert the word “y’all”…)

In some ways, this move is not a surprise to us because Shawn’s been working really hard towards a promotion. We’ve been praying often for God to guide our next move, these next steps of our future, and the timing of it all. We’ve prayed specifically for the right town, with the right community, with the right friends for us, and the right place for us to get involved in whatever God wants us to get involved in. We had told Denver Mattress (now with 111 locations across the USA) that we were open to moving anywhere they wanted us for this next step / promotion with the company. That really opens up the map of possibility. But we prayed for GOD to place us where he wanted us for this next move. Even though DM had a hand in choosing where we’d end up, we wanted to walk by faith and ask God to choose for us. We knew that if we asked, he would guide us, as he has so many times in the past.

In many ways, Cheyenne has been our temporary “hold” and we knew that. It’s one of the only places we’ve ever lived where we knew moving here that it would be temporary, but we just didn’t know how temporary. So, as you can imagine, it’s been really hard to get out there, make friends, get involved in church, in the community, etc. It was hard because “our next, more permanent home” was always somewhere on the horizon…

So while in some ways this move isn’t a surprise to us, things are still moving really, really fast, and our lives are suddenly changing! Once everything was officially official, we got about a week to move (we leave on Monday!). Wowza! Good thing we know how to pack a house in record time. To offer a little back story, Shawn got a call to consider two locations to promote to in the span of about a week. One location was offered to someone else, and then a few days later he had a phone interview for the San Angelo, Texas store. The next thing we knew, the district manager flew to Cheyenne to have lunch with us (Mmmm, hello Rib & Chop House!), to interview us, to let us ask any questions, etc. (We love that Denver Mattress always consults the spouse to make sure they’re on board to relocate. They really care about family, which is a respectable thing to see in a company.) Then it was a few days of waiting and wondering, and then on Tuesday we got the call that made it official. And the next thing we knew, we were pulling out the boxes and embarking on move number 15.

With every move comes a whole mix of bittersweet emotions: excitement for the next step, sadness because we’re leaving friends and coworkers (and this time, our family just an hour away!!!), it’s a hectic time with a lot of mini freak outs (on my part). Mainly because in the span of about 6 days we’re packing up our life, driving 12 hours, moving to a place we’ve never been before, where we don’t know a soul! It’s overwhelming to say the least.

But we’ve prayed for this next step, and for God to guide us.

We’ve always been the “go big or go home” type, so maybe Texas suits us…

Thank you for your prayers as we begin another big life adventure and transition!




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  1. Yay!! Texas is great! I have lived here my entire life. For sure ‘ya’ll’ is good anywhere you want to use it..haha Congrats on his promotion. Lots of exciting things happening for ya’ll right now. God is so good when we wait on his timing.

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