His blessings in the morning light

His blessings in the morning light

Our house looks especially beautiful in the morning light. It comes in at just the right angle and shines in through the big window by the kitchen table.

We’re still stumbling around in awe that we actually own a house! It’s been so fun settling in, knowing we can actually settle, and not just ‘temporarily dwell’, and that we can make it our own. The boxes are slowly disappearing, we can see the floor, and the nursery has already been painted!

Shawn sits at the table each morning before work wearing his dress pants and dress shoes, and his white undershirt (the shirt and tie are a last-minute kind of thing). He looks so good sitting there, eating the breakfast burr-it-o (they say it in a slow three syllables here in west Texas) he made, and sipping his steaming coffee from the “S” mug I bought on clearance last week. I sit at the table in my pjs and watch him eat his breakfast, and I look down at how far away I am from the table, because my belly is so big I can’t scoot any closer.

I look at him, my belly, and the morning light shining in on our new house, and I ask him why life is so good right now. I ask him why God is blessing us so much right now.

I’m thankful he’s never shocked or offended by my questions. He just thinks for a second and responds, “God has always blessed us.”

He’s right. God has always blessed us, God has always offered us grace, provided for us, took good care of us, given us fun times, and special relationships. Things just look different now. His blessings are coming in the form of many answered prayers – and all at once!

For some reason my mind went to when we lived in the village. It was a long, hard year in many ways. Maybe that’s why my mind went there: if God was blessing us now, was God blessing us then, too, like Shawn said he was? Even when it was hard? My mind went to our puppy Roxy and what an absolute joy she was to us. She was a comfort when I was sad that there was no doctor, let alone a fertility specialist, and we couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t get pregnant, even after six years. God provided a place for us to live. Even though we didn’t have running water, he provided a sweet lady who we could pay to help get water from the well, and from that a friendship developed. When we were discouraged with ministry, God provided a way for friends (and some people we didn’t even know!) to all pitch in and fly us home for Christmas. It was by his grace we found a pool where we could go and cool off, and buy ice cold Cokes in a bottle.

God hasn’t left our sides, even through the ups and downs, the transitions, the years of waiting, and not only that, he’s blessed us along the way. His character is beyond what we can figure out. We just have to trust him. In both the good and hard times.

And when we look around, and all we see are evident blessings, we throw our hands up and say, “Thank you.” We also have to remember that his blessings are nothing new. Sometimes we just have to look for them.

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