Here’s to miracle #2

Here’s to miracle #2

Pour yourself a glass of Sprite with lime, or a glass of Blanton’s from our blue cabinet. I’d like to make a toast – to us!

Here’s to back-to-back miracles.

Here’s to a different kind of miracle.

Here’s to God working behind the scenes when we had no idea.

Here’s to praying big, honest prayers.

Here’s to many years of prayers being answered.

Here’s to a little gummy bear up on the screen, moving its arms and legs.

Here’s to baby Noella becoming a big sister.

Here’s to me running into the kitchen in my pink and white whale pjs yelling, “WELL! I’M PREGNANT!”

Here’s to two under two. Go big or go home.

Here’s to not knowing the gender from day 1 this time, and counting down the days until we can find out.

Here’s to Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal sounding like God’s gift to humanity.

Here’s to the best kept secret.

Here’s to telling the world.

Here’s to hoping our story offers you hope in your wait, in your story, in your longing, in your questioning, on the road you’re on.

Here’s to surprising our doctors and nurses in two different states.

Here’s to God’s goodness in our lives.

Here’s to BABY #2!

5 thoughts on “Here’s to miracle #2

  1. This is such exciting news, Jenn! Praying for you and for this new little one. What a beautiful story God is writing for your family! By the way, I like the new look of your blog. :)

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