Gerbera daisies, pork chops, and such

Gerbera daisies, pork chops, and such

When Noella was just about 15 hours old, Shawn surprised me with three pink gerbera daisies. One for each of us, a family of three. It was such a sweet gesture that made me cry in the midst of an already emotional and unforgettable high in our lives.

I had gerbera daisies in my ‘wildflower’ wedding bouquet. I’ve always loved them.

As soon as we leave church on Sundays Shawn has to go to work until about 5 or 6. I’m not a fan of that, but c’est la vie in the world of retail. And yay for hard working husbands! It just has a tendency to feel a little like the Monday morning grind with dishes and baby nap schedules, even though it’s the weekend. Meanwhile, I assume everyone else (in all of the United States) is fishing, hanging out with family at grandma’s house, sitting on some patio with friends, etc. So I was just being lazy, and feeling a little sorry for myself that it was a blah weekend. Shawn texted me and we decided to grill pork shops for dinner and he asked what sides I’d want. I said how about we grill some of those long green things with tree tops? (Pregnancy brain could not be more real. They’re called asparagus, guys. It’s not hard. You can only imagine how Shawn proceeded to mock me for the rest of the night.) And I’d roast some brussel sprouts (in wild orange olive oil, thank you very much. Yes I will host my own Food Network show. That’s not a problem for me if that’s what you want. Says the girl who can cook about six entrees and about four decent sides. But I’m getting there!).

I realized my outfit, my hair, and our house were looking a little “blah it’s Sunday and the whole world is having a potluck without me”, so I put on my Lady A Pandora station, cleaned speedy fast, put on a new shirt that was longer and less “pot belly”, and more “15 weeks pregnant”, some bright red lipstick (holla), and my red leather earrings (because at that point baby was in bed and there was no risk of her yanking them through my earlobe, causing me to need emergency surgery before my pork chop).

I was ready and committed to make it a fun Sunday night “date night in” together. It’s amazing what some red lipstick can do for your attitude. Seriously! Try it sometime. Make your bed, light a candle in the living room, put on some lipstick, and you’re unstoppable.

Shawn came in the door (I love his “coming home from work” look with that tie undone… and that white undershirt and dress pants…) and he had FOUR BRIGHT RED GERBRA DAISIES for me. (Flowers are not something he brings me very often. Unfortunately, that’s my own fault because I was a brat once and shot myself in the foot when he surprised me with a giiiinormous bouquet in front of my friends and it was so over the top huge that I acted weird and embarrassed and later said I didn’t even like flowers that much. I know! I’m a jerk! But good grief, that was like 11 years ago. I love flowers now! Can we move on? And ps- when I say that bouquet was huge, it was like three feet tall. There were birds of paradise! Those aren’t dainty. Gah, I know it’s silly that I cared. Any girl should be so lucky. But it was too much for me. Kind of like ordering the sizzling fajitas in a restaurant. I can’t do it. Too much attention. Too much “look at me”. Anyway, I’ve changed. I’ve grown. I’ve matured. Bring me all the extravagant flowers!)

Anyway, the daisies…

“Four”? I asked with a grin. “One for each of us” He said.

It was the sweetest surprise. And how perfectly in line for our spontaneous Sunday night date night he didn’t even know we were having!

I walk by those four flowers which I’ve placed on our kitchen table, and I just smile.

I’ll take a vase full, whenever and however, if that’s what God has planned. There were just two daisies in that vase for a long time. The wait is the hardest because you feel like you’re in the dark, and that maybe God forgot about you, your prayer, your request, your plea. “He certainly didn’t forget about everyone else!” You think to yourself.

I love that there are four daisies in there now.
And we’ve loved more than words the three daisies in that vase, and we continue to soak up this time we have as three.
And I love the memories of just the two of us for thirteen years. So many memories. So many adventures. I would never trade that time we had together.

The pork chops were good, by the way. The red gerbera daisies were the perfect centerpiece for our Sunday date night in.

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