To our girls in a pandemic

To our girls in a pandemic

Our dear girls,

Thanks for being our sunshine during this time. A pandemic has swept through our world without warning and it’s not an easy time for anyone. Jobs and the future of our health and economy are in question, people are out of work, hospital staff is working hard to help those in need (uncle Dr. Seth in the ER!), there’s a shortage of masks and ventilators, many things are cancelled or closed, and those of us at home are trying to remain positive even though we feel isolated and a little stir-crazy distancing ourselves from people, going out, social gatherings, church, and trips to town (We’re not “stuck” at home, we’re safe at home – what a good perspective.)

Your dad is still working like normal, which for us is more frustrating than if there were a Shelter in Place (like many cities are under at this time), because the store is pretty much dead (and he works on commission…), but yet he is still “at risk” interacting with the general public. It’s an odd time, that’s for sure.

It’s easy to give in to fear when the future, even tomorrow, is unknown. But when we don’t have the answer, we use that as an opportunity to trust God. To practically stretch our ability to say, “We don’t understand, God, how long things will be like this, what’s to come of our jobs, our health, our economy, but we trust you because YOU ARE WORTH TRUSTING.” That’s what times like these are good for.

An exercise in faith. An exercise in circling back to the truths of who God is. And what he is, which is trustworthy. ALWAYS. ALWAYS.

You’ll come across lots of these exercises in your lives, girls. You might as well know that upfront. They may not involve a global pandemic, but they may involve other times of fear, unknown, sadness, confusion, and fog when you were hoping for a clear pathway towards which way you should go next.

It breaks my heart on so many levels to think of you ever having an ounce of worry, fear, or sadness in your lives. I wish I could swoop in then like I can now when you’re scared of a bug. Nowadays, I can quickly remove it (the bug, the fear) and hold you, kissing those chubby cheeks, brushing the strands of golden hair from your forehead, and whispering to you that it’s no longer there, that I am here, and that there is nothing to worry about. You’re safe on my lap.

While I can’t always swoop in with my mom cape to protect you, I can little by little, train you to see those moments as opportunities to practice, grow, and strengthen your ability to tackle and conquer fear, worry, and the unknown. Your dad and I can teach you how to choose faith, so that the next time when it’s not a ladybug, but thunder, or not a storm, but something else, you can remember that God is with you, for you, and fighting on your behalf. And that with him, and by trusting in him (even when you don’t understand the situation), you have the powers you need to fight well.

That, dear girls, is our wish for you with whatever your futures hold.

Until then, let’s enjoy some sunshine, a bucket of soapy water where we can wash some rocks for fun, and pick the purple weed flowers. And if you see a bug, I’M ON IT.

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