Faith in these two losses

Faith in these two losses

From the beginning of this whole journey: the process leading up to the transfer, the trips, the shots, the transfer itself, we wanted to share it all because it was a journey of faith for us. Not every unknown journey is a journey of faith, we have to choose it. And we wanted this one specifically to be one of faith. We didn’t expect to come to a point of having to (once again) choose faith in loss. We didn’t expect to (once again) have to choose faith in grief. That to me, is where the rubber meets the road. It’s hard to trust God in the unknown, but it’s harder yet to trust God when the ‘known’ is a failed pregnancy (as it was called). How does one walk in faith when you lose two babies in one week? How does one turn time and time again, to a good, loving, faithful God, when their physical body and their heart are aching in grief?

We simply do not know. Just like we simply do not know, nor can anyone explain, why we lost both babies: a son and a daughter. I guess faith is saying, “This hurts. We don’t want to go through this. But we know you’re still good, God. Make something of this mess, this sadness, this confusion, these tears. Here’s the pen. My hands are shaking from crying and I can’t hold it right now.”

Thank you for your prayers

9 thoughts on “Faith in these two losses

  1. Shawn and Jenn,
    My heart hurts with you-not that I know your pain but that I know the pain of grief. God is able but that doesn’t take away the grief or loss, but always us to cling to the hope that someday your little family will be complete and whole again.
    May the Lord surround you with HIS LOVE and bring friends and family to love on you. All our love,
    Sandi & John Hagen

  2. I’m sorry for your loss. There are no words that can really reflect the heaviness of my heart for you. When we loose a precious loved person no matter how long we have loved them, it just deeply, deeply hurts. No words from anyone can really give comfort. I shall be praying for you to see our Lord in these days. As you walk by faith thru this painful time be assured that He is with you, loves you and cares for you. You are not alone!

    Psalms 116:7

  3. Sweet friends. I know your pain all too well & will never truly understand til we are face to face with Jesus. But i do know time heals. It’s ok to be sad & grieve. And, somehow, before you know it, God will reveal his purpose to you. I have appreciated your openness and willingness to share your journey. We love and are praying for you both!

  4. We are saying a prayer for you and your family. Im so sorry for you guys. God works all things for good and I know He is working something good for you both. We love and miss you.

  5. So very sorry for the loss of your precious babies! My heart aches with you in your loss. Praying for comfort and peace and the ability to grieve but not without hope. Praying that you feel all the prayers being prayed for you and sense the presence of Jehovah Rapha and Jehovah Roi in the midst of the tears. Love you both!

  6. Jenn & Shawn,
    We don’t know the answers to your valid questions, but God has a plan for your family and we have to trust Him.

    Love you,

  7. Jenn & Shawn,
    Praying prayers of comfort for you now as I write this. May He wrap His arms around you and hold you as you grieve. So sorry, friends !
    Love, Wendy

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