Two nights away

Two nights away

Home again! Although it was good to get away, have a change of scenery, the weekend was both relaxing AND eventful!

Shawn and I left on Thursday morning, paying a taxi to take us to the garage in Zig [about an hour away], where the taxis line up and wait for clients. There Roger, a Senegalese pastor picked us up and took us to meet his wife {She’s American!} and son in a nearby village. WOW, was it a hot day! We had a great meal together, heard about their ministry plans [an orphanage and a Bible school are in the works], and saw their garden. Somewhere along the line, Jenn got stung by something. Ouch!

The taxi we rented to go to Zig. They love decorating the dash and hanging things from the mirrors!
It was a pretty day for a drive.
We walked around the village.

Roger and his wife were taking us back into town where we were going to spend the night, when we all witnessed a very unusual cultural event. There, right in the middle of the road were a group of people blocking the road. People were yelling, dancing, acting drunk (many of them probably were), and four men were carrying what appeared to be a dead person, up on a matt that was attached to four poles. It was like it was a funeral, but no one was sad. It was very bizarre. Then they came closer to the truck until they had literally put the “fake” (it was later that we found out that it was a fake dead person) dead person on the hood of Roger’s truck, denting and scratching it. The people said that we had to give $$ for this dead person or we wouldn’t be allowed to pass. We were shocked to see these events taking place right before our eyes. People were reaching in the windows trying to get $$, yelling, chanting and so forth. Thankfully, we were with a Senegalese believer who knew what to say! He kept telling them that they CANNOT force their traditional beliefs on us! It was VERY interesting. We were finally able to continue on, and we never game them any $$. Roger was very upset because it’s not normal to block a main road, demanding that others partake in such an event.

It was a full day for sure! Taking public transportation, meeting new people, experiencing the heat, getting stung (it hurt BAD, all night long :() seeing a “fake” dead person paraded around the street… PHEW! We were ready for some dinner and sleep!

The next morning we slept in and then enjoyed coffee together while we waited for our co-workers to come up from Kabrousse.

The next day our co-workers arrived from Kabrousse. They checked in, and then we walked to a local restaurant for lunch. Then we went to a boutique to get some snacks for later {cookies!} and then we went back to enjoy some time in the POOL!

Where we stayed.
A team picture! *smile*

Before heading back to Cap/Kab we wanted to run some errands, stock up on a few food items, and greet some people in one of the small towns we were going to be driving through. WELL. We were almost home when we got pulled over. A truck full of white people is a tempting target, and we ended up getting a ticket for having 7 people in the truck (2 too many). While Shawn was standing there waiting for the guy to write out his ticket, a truck full of about 15 Africans went by, and they didn’t even get pulled over! Also, while we were standing there waiting for the ticket, a guy walked by with a “Stop Racism” shirt (in English). We found that rather ironic. It is racism, and we see forms of it all the time. We ask for God’s patience and love, and that we won’t grow bitter over time.

We saw some dark clouds on our way home.

We came home to a happy Roxy, who had been waiting for us at the gate!

We were back in time to go to church this morning. This evening, Shawn will be teaching his Acts class at our house.

How was your weekend?

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