Bits and pieces

Bits and pieces

Right now I see three white butterflies, a blue sky and two different shades of green leaves outside my window. I hear taxi and bus horns [such a variety of sounds!], horse hooves on the pavement, people talking, guys tapping the back of the car rapides with coins, to tell the driver to continue, and birds chirping as they swoop down and around. Thank-you messages have been sent to our faithful ministry partners, lunch plans have been made [fish and rice from the lady across the street], Shawn has spent the morning spraying some mosquito-killing spray in all of the rooms, emails have been written and the coffee has been brewed. Right now the guesthouse is almost empty, with only 3 guests here at the moment. It’s kind of eery when this big ol’ place is so quiet and there aren’t many guests, don’t think of The Shining especially at night! But it’s nice too. It’s like having a large house, all to ourselves! Things will pick back up in about a week, so we’re using this time to get some projects done [building a bunk bed, killing insects, fixing doors, painting].

Life is moving all around us.
Here are some more bits and pieces of our life, here & now:
Shawn made this hanging planter for our new plant {thanks for the plant, Bill}.
Wearing stripes! My favorite.
Thanks to our German friends who brought us some VERY good coffee from Germany.
We are {so} thankful for the variety of fruits and vegetables that come with living in Dakar.
Mister-green-thumb-Shawn has planted some seeds this week. Can't wait to see some daisies growing out front!
Hello, neighbors.
The bright green wall in the living room / family room / whatever you want to call it.
The Gideons came by the guesthouse this week and dropped off Bibles for every room. They are in English, French and German.

 Also, how great are these two songs? Listen to them here and here.

Thankful for today, full of little bits and pieces,

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